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INFINITY RS 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Infinity RS 1 owner’s manual online. RS 1 2 3 infinity pdf Speakers pdf manual download. Infinity RS 1 on manualslib.

Speakers Infinity Kappa Perfect 10. Woofer infinity kappa perfect 10. The Infinity RS Series is our newest family of bookshelf and floorstanding speaker systems, featuring advanced acoustic technology, highest-quality components, and exceptional cabinet designs. The RS 1, RS 2, and RS 3 models are 2-way, vented bookshelf systems, while the RS 4 and RS 5 are 2-way, vented high-output tower models. Refer to Home Theater Placement on the next page if you also plan to use the speakers for home theater reproduction. Experiment with speaker placement to obtain the best bass level and stereo imaging in your room.

NOTE: You can add an Infinity subwoofer for deep bass impact on sound effects and music. Contact your local Infinity dealer for recommendations on subwoofer models for your application. NOTE: If desired, consult your local Infinity dealer about speaker wire and connection options. RS Series speakers have color coded terminals that accept a variety of wire connectors.