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GENIE IWP SUPER SERIES OPERATOR’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Genie IWP Super 30 foot scissor truss pdf operator’s manual online.

Genie IWP Super Series Lift Operator’s and Maintenance Manual. IWP Super Series Lifting Systems pdf manual download. Genie IWP Super Series on manualslib. Genie iwp super series lift operator’s and maintenance manual. Operator’s Manual with Maintenance Information Second Edition Fourth Printing Part No. First Edition: Second Edition: “Genie” and “IWP” are registered trademarks of Genie Industries in the U.

Super Series” is a trademark of Genie Industries. 5 Only use the machine as it was intended. Fourth Printing 350 lbs 159 kg 300 lbs 136 kg 300 lbs 136 kg 1 person Part No. Phase to Phase 0 to 300V 300V to 50KV 50KV to 200KV 200KV to 350KV 350KV to 500KV 500KV to 750KV 750KV to 1000KV Genie IWP Super Series Operator’s Manual SAFETY RULES Minimum Safe Approach Distance Feet Meters Avoid Contact 3. Damaged Machine Hazards Do not use a damaged or malfunctioning machine.

Be sure all maintenance has been performed as specified in this manual and the Genie IWP Super Series service manual. Be sure all decals are in place and legible. Do not rely on the brake to hold the machine on an incline. 48643 Decal Legend Genie product decals use symbols, color coding and signal words to identify the following: Safety alert symbol—used to alert personnel to potential personal injury hazards. Use the appropriate number of people and proper lifting techniques. Fourth Printing Batteries emit explosive gas. Keep sparks, flames and lighted tobacco away from batteries.

Scheduled maintenance inspections shall be performed by qualified service technicians, according to the manufacturer’s specifications and the requirements listed in the responsibilities manual. Be sure that all structural and other critical components are present and all associated fasteners and pins are in place and properly tightened. 2 Remove the battery vent caps. 3 Check the battery acid level. If needed, replenish with distilled water to the bottom of the battery fill tube.

4 Install the vent caps. Machines that have been out of service for more than three months must receive the quarterly inspection before they are put back into service. After repairs are completed, the operator must perform a pre-operation inspection and function tests again before putting the machine into service. Fourth Printing position, then the position.

37 Press the direction-reversing safety switch on the end of the steer handle. Result: The machine should travel in the position to raise forward direction. Genie IWP Super Series Operator’s Manual FUNCTION TESTS position. 7 Pull out the red Emergency Stop button at the ground controls and be sure the power light is 8 Check the interlock display. Be sure that all four display lights are on. 2 Pull the base lowering handle to lower the base until all four foot pads are in firm contact with the ground. 3 Remove the key to secure from unauthorized use.

4 DC models: Recharge battery. To Move The Machine Without Power Wheel Assist: Pull and hold the function enable lever to release the brake. Charge the battery in a well-ventilated area. Use proper AC input voltage for charging as indicated on the charger. Use only Genie authorized battery and charger. To Charge Battery 1 Open the battery pack lid to access the battery. 2 Remove the battery vent caps and check the battery acid level.

Be sure to inspect the machine and remove any loose or unsecured items. Always place the lifting hook through the lifting eye so that it points away from the machine. Fourth Printing Quantity Part No. Fourth Printing Note: Platform decals may be in diffferent locations on optional fiberglass basket. 5 m 26 in 66 cm 6 in 15 cm 15 cm Continuous improvement of our products is a Genie policy.