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Sam Shoemaker and his followers later formed “Faith At Work” as a continuation of his interdenominational conference and publication projects. December 27, 1893 to Samuel Moor Shoemaker, Jr. Baltimore, where his uncle was rector. In 1898, his father turned Burnside into a dairy farm, with a prize herd of Guernsey cattle, though his grandfather had preferred Jerseys. Eccleston, whose Emmanuel Episcopal Church was decorated with flowers from the family’s greenhouses. A more distant John C. When Sam was 14, he was sent to St.

Diman, who later converted to Roman Catholicism and founded the Portsmouth Priory near the school. Sam, homesick, initially did not feel comfortable among the “Yankees. He also did not consider himself a good student, but did hold several positions during his two years at the school, including as president of the missionary society. Shoemaker became acquainted with the political controversies of the day, and after his sophomore year traveled to Europe. Upon returning, Shoemaker and three other students protested war propaganda and military drills at the university.

He became interested in personal evangelism and missionary work, as well as the relatively new ecumenical movement. In 1917, with the blessing of the Rt. Y group, Buchman advised Shoemaker to look inside himself, and to talk about his personal experiences. After contemplating his own inadequacy compared to those absolutes, Shoemaker decided to let God guide his life. He returned to Princeton in 1919 to head the Philadelphian Society, a campus Christian organization which he had led during his senior year. In 1920, bishop Murray ordained Shoemaker a deacon in the Episcopal Church. Buchman also made frequent visits to Princeton.

During his second year, Dr. Broadway appointed him as a part-time assistant. After graduation and ordination, with his bishop’s approval, Shoemaker and two British university graduates traveled with Buchman through Europe and the Middle East, exploring the meaning of Christian discipleship in missions and hospitals as they had in Beijing. New York approved of the Oxford Group and Shoemaker’s taking the helm at Calvary Church in the Gramercy Park neighborhood. At Calvary, where he became rector after a successful two-year trial term, Shoemaker constantly balanced both the institutional and sacramental aspects of the church’s life, as well as his personal faith as influenced by Buchman and the Oxford Group. He held outdoor services in nearby Madison Square beginning in the summer of 1927, attracting new parishioners through music as well as his sermons, and began transforming the church school that winter term.