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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. File:And Then There Were None, 1945. Several different editions of varying quality have been released to home video formats. Ferried over by a sailor called Narracott, they settle in at a mansion tended by two newly hired agatha christie and then there were none pdf free download, Thomas and Ethel Rogers, but their hosts are absent.

It turns out that none of the ten knows or has even seen “U. The guests decide to leave, but Rogers informs them that the boat will not return until Monday, and it is only Friday. Starloff admits to running down a couple while speeding. Then he takes a drink and dies from poison. The next morning, the guests learn that Mrs.

Rogers has died in her sleep. Quinncannon reports that Rogers found one figurine broken after Starloff’s demise. After General Mandrake is stabbed in the back, the judge arrives at the only explanation: Owen must be one of them. Everyone votes secretly for whom they suspect.

Only Rogers receives two votes, and is sent to spend the night in the woodshed. After locking the dining room, they give Rogers the key. The next morning, however, they find him dead, his head split open with an axe. Armstrong discovers that his is missing. Lombard admits he had a revolver, but it is lost as well. At dinner, Quinncannon confesses he sentenced an innocent man to death to ruin the defending counsel’s reputation.

Armstrong then admits to operating while drunk, with fatal results. Blore grudgingly discloses that he perjured himself to put an innocent man in prison, where he died. Lombard merely states that the accusation against him is true. When it is Miss Claythorne’s turn, she excuses herself to get her coat. The others hear her shriek and rush to her.