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Hercule Poirot, was published in 1920. Christie as the best-selling novelist of all time. Agatha christie books free pdf’s Favourite Christie” in a vote sponsored by the author’s estate. 1854 to Captain Frederick Boehmer and Mary Ann West, the couple’s only daughter.

Clara Boehmer had four brothers, one of whom died young. Margaret had no children of her own, and so the two sisters arranged that Clara should be raised by her aunt and uncle. It was here she met her future husband, an American stockbroker named Frederick Alvah Miller, who was the son of Nathaniel’s first marriage. He was considered personable and friendly by those who knew him. He soon developed a romantic relationship with Clara, and they were married in April 1878. Frederick was on a business trip. Torquay named “Ashfield” in which to raise her family.

It was here that her third and final child, Agatha, was born. Christie described her childhood as “very happy”. She was surrounded by a series of strong and independent women from an early age. Southern Europe, where her family would holiday during the winter. According to biographer Laura Thomson, Clara believed that Agatha should not learn to read till she was eight.

However, due to her curiosity, Agatha taught herself to read much earlier. Christie was a voracious reader from an early age. In April 1901, at age 10, she wrote her first poem, “The cowslip”. She spent much of her childhood apart from other children, although she devoted much time to her pets, whom she adored.