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In 1977 Rolf Fehlbaum took over the management of Vitra. In 1984 the partnership that alvaro siza complete works pdf been formed with Herman Miller was terminated by mutual consent. Subsequently, Vitra obtained the rights to designs by Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson for Europe and the Middle East.

Today, Vitra’s product line consists of designer furniture for use in offices, homes and public areas. In 2002, the company took in the realm of domestic living. 1980s, however, Vitra departed from Grimshaw’s plan for a unified corporate project. Over the years, Vitra accumulated a growing collection of chairs and other furniture.

With the aim of making the collection accessible to the public, a museum was established as an independent foundation dedicated to the research and popularization of design and architecture. 1989 by Frank Gehry was the first public building on the campus as well as the architect’s first building in Europe. Today the museum is partly based on the own broad collection of 20th century furniture as well as host of visiting exhibitions. The building consists of a garage for fire engines, showers and locker rooms for the fire fighters and a conference room with kitchen facilities.

The Fire Station is a sculpture of cast in-situ concrete that contrasts with the orthogonal order of the adjacent factory buildings like the frozen image of an explosion in a photograph. Today the building functions as an exhibition space. It was Ando’s first work outside Japan. The calm and restrained structure encompasses an assortment of conference rooms. It is characterized by a highly ordered spatial articulation with a large part of its volume concealed below grade.

A striking feature is the footpath leading to the pavilion, which has a significant association with meditation paths in the gardens of Japanese monasteries. Howard at Charter Industries in 1975 and transplanted from its original location in Detroit, USA, to Weil am Rhein. It is currently used as a space for events. 1953 – was moved to the Vitra Campus. Vitra Campus, opened in 2010 as the company’s flagship store and home of the Vitra Home Collection.