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It was a Sprawl voice and a Sprawl joke. Maybe some business with you, Case? You are too much the artiste, Herr Case. Sure,’ Case analyzing performance problems or you really oughta wanna pdf, and sipped his beer.

Sure the fuck isn’t you. The whore’s giggle went up an octave. Jesus,’ Case said, `what kinda creepjoint you running here? Man can’t have a drink. Then the whore’s giggle rang out, tinged with a certain hysteria. Just another hustler, trying to make it through.

I don’t have one,’ he said, and drank. I think I liked you better, with her. You’re breaking my heart, Ratz. Ninsei crowds, he could smell his own stale sweat.

He stole from his employers. He’d expected to die, then, but they only smiled. And he was going to need it. The damage was minute, subtle, and utterly effective. Night City, with Ninsei its heart.

New Yen for the clinic tanks. He’d found her, one rainy night, in an arcade. Yokohama and the money already in his pocket. He stared at the black ring of grounds in his empty cup. He looked up, met gray eyes ringed with paintstick. Her accent put her south along the Sprawl, toward Atlanta. All the meat, he thought, and all it wants.

Wage,’ she said, narrowing her eyes. She lit her own cigarette. You been talking to Ratz? Her new squeeze is one of Wage’s boys. I don’t owe him enough. Too many people owe him now, Case. You seriously better watch it.

You got anywhere to sleep? You better give it to Wage. I owe Wage a lot more than that. You get your money, Case, you find Wage quick. I’ll see you, Linda,’ he said, getting up. You watch your back, man. He nodded, anxious to be gone.