Area of a sector worksheet pdf

Please forward this error screen to 207. Two sheets which lead pupils to find the formula for Area of Sector and Arc Length. Love your resource, or get the cost back, with our area of a sector worksheet pdf-free guarantee.

Area of a Sector Ind. Maths Treasure Hunt, which is ideal for doing in a large space or outside. 24 Questions which look at different parts of the curriculum. A worksheet where pupils have to sketch the time-distance graphs for different scenarios. A self-contained game to be played in pairs.

Use to revise reading coordinates on a grid. Differentiated worksheets for children to complete. Plotting coordinates using up to four quadrants! I have created this for a year 5 top set maths group. It is differentiated 3 ways, yellow being the less able, green able and pink more able.

GCSE Mathematics 9-1 Higher tier. Includes SMART Notebook lesson and two accompanying worksheets with answers. Simple powerpoint with the key vocabulary for parts of a circle needed for GCSE. Diagrams of shapes involving parts of circles. Original Promethean flipchart exercise included.