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This article is about the Amber avalon high coronation pdf download series of Roger Zelazny. These shadows, including our Earth, are parallel worlds that exist in, and were created from, the tension between opposing magical forces of Amber and Chaos. The Courts of Chaos are situated at the very edge of an Abyss.

Amber, can travel freely through the Shadows. Shadows, one can alter reality or create a new reality by choosing which elements of which Shadows to keep or add, and which to subtract. Ten Amber novels were written by Roger Zelazny. The series of books was published over the years from 1970 to 1991.

1, June 1967, and No. Merlin Cycle” Amber novels, were not serialized or excerpted. Amber, as he describes his adventures and life upon re-encountering his family after a loss of memory and an absence of centuries. Corwin wakes up from a coma in a hospital in New York with amnesia. Corwin’s memory and his abilities to travel through shadow. Bleys falls from the side of Kolvir and Corwin is captured, blinded and imprisoned. Thanks to his genetic regenerative ability, his eyes regrow and he regains his vision.