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There are no hydrogen cars stationed on the island but electric cars are run by the municipality. World Heritage Site, no record of past tree cutting can be traced. The island is visited by 300,000 tourists cfa level 1 notes pdf download free year. Yakushima is located approximately 61.

Periodic rocket launches from Tanegashima can clearly be seen from Yakushima. The bedrock of the island is granite, and as such it hosts no active volcanoes. It has an area of approximately 504. The population of Yakushima reached a peak in 1960 with 24,010 inhabitants. It thereafter declined until about 1995, but has subsequently stabilized at just over 13,000 inhabitants.

Yakushima is famous for its lush vegetation. 1960s, at which time a conservation regime was established. Japanese history, 2300 years ago. It is said by the locals to rain “35 days a month”. There are drier periods in autumn and winter, while the heaviest downpours occur in spring and summer, often accompanied by landslides. Eiji Miyake, the protagonist of David Mitchell’s novel Number9 Dream, is from Yakushima.

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