Chemistry for the utterly confused pdf

This article is about the film. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Luke’s principal rival, located directly across the street, is his more prosperous brother, Roy L. It was marketed with the tagline “Chemistry for the utterly confused pdf new, great looking and fully loaded with laughs.

10,000 in Rudy’s campaign if he promises to keep the business alive. Meanwhile, across the street, Luke’s younger brother Roy L. Luke in the passenger’s seat. After the Chevy crashes back into the lot, Luke dies of a heart attack, but leaves Rudy with evidence that Roy staged the “accident”. The commercial results in New Deal receiving a massive number of customers the next day. In one deal, Jeff cons a family into buying a station wagon by having the lot’s mascot dog Toby fake being run over during a test drive. When Roy lures customers in his lot by hiring circus animals, Rudy counters with a live stripper show.

Rudy conceals the truth about her father by taking her out on a date, which inadvertently convinces her to stay in town. In retaliation, Roy storms into New Deal and attacks Jeff before discovering Luke’s resting place. Roy brings the police to New Deal to dig through the backyard the next day, but Jim has taken the Edsel out of the pit, and rigs it to crash into a power transformer and explode. Everyone believes Luke was killed in the fiery accident, and the evidence is destroyed.

Roy believes he now has possession of New Deal, but Rudy points out that Barbara is effectively the new owner. Barbara discovers the fiasco over her father’s death and fires Rudy. As a final means of shutting down New Deal, Roy has his connections in local TV station KFUK alter Barbara’s commercial to imply that she has a mile of cars and pushes a trumped-up charge of false advertising. Rudy’s luck changes when he wins a bet on a football game, guaranteeing him enough money for his campaign.

Once he discovers that Barbara has been sued for false advertising, Rudy convinces her to tell the court she has a mile of cars. To avoid a charge of perjury, she must prove it in front of the judge by having over 250 cars on her lot by 2:45┬áp. Rudy spends his Senate investment on 250 cars bought from Mexican dealer Manuel and having 250 student drivers deliver them to New Deal in less than two hours. After overcoming Roy’s attempt at disrupting the resulting convoy and Jeff’s superstition of driving a red car, the drivers arrive in time. The total measurements are just long enough to equal a mile, saving the used car lot. Roy’s former attorney informs Rudy and Barbara that once the freeway ramp across the street is constructed, New Deal will become the largest dealership in town.