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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. So far there have been three china mieville the city and the city pdf set in Bas-Lag. Two landmasses, Rohagi and Bered Kai Nev, are named in the three novels, though numerous other landmasses and unique structures play important roles.

Immediately south of New Crobuzon is the Rudewood, beyond which lies the Mendican Hills. North of New Crobuzon, along the coast but separated by the Bezhek Mountains, are the ruins of Suroch. To the west, about a thousand miles from New Crobuzon and far beyond the Dancing Shoe Mountains, lies the four-hundred mile wide freshwater lake called Cold Claw Loch. The Loch connects with the vast, inland Cold Claw Sea, eight hundred miles to the north, via a natural channel called Cold Claw Sound. The Cold Claw Sea is talon-shaped, stretching eastward a great distance, almost connecting with the Swollen Ocean before curving southward for about two hundred miles, finally ending about seven hundred miles north of New Crobuzon. Myrshock lies on the northern coast of the Meagre Sea. New Crobuzon with Cobsea and Myrshock, as the two states are trading partners, but was unsuccessful in this endeavor.

Tesh controls the Fire Water Straits, which lead to an as yet unidentified inland body of water that borders the Swollen Ocean. The control of the Fire Water Straits has resulted in a war between New Crobuzon and Tesh and the results of this war is a plot point in Iron Council. Crobuzine victory in this conflict is implied following the failure of the Teshi thaumaturgical attack upon the city. The Firewater Straits are renamed the Sanguine Straits during the course of the war, due to the ferocity and cost of the naval battles to control them. Bered Kai Nev is a continent that lies to the east of Rohagi.

The Ravening, and now live as refugees in various cities in Rohagi, although primitive khepri are rumored to still inhabit Bered Kai Nev. No other information regarding this continent has been provided. It is divided into small districts which are ruled by a number of unique rulers, such as a High Cromlech vampir. Armada’s origins are unknown, but it has existed in one form or another for at least a thousand years.

The city itself is only about a mile wide, though one character claims that “there are probably as many miles of streets here as in New Crobuzon” owing to all its “layers and layers of decks. The island is known for its scholarly reputation and the knowledge that its capital city, Kohnid, has. This colony is the only known remnants of what was known as the Malarial Queendom, a brutal regime that was active in most areas of Bas-Lag that had a warm climate. The Jheshull Islands are a small trio of islands that lie off the coast of Rohagi. They were involved in the Pirate Wars and are considered to be on the decline due to their involvement against New Crobuzon. Nova Esperium is one of New Crobuzon’s colonies.