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In this paper, damage distribution and damage zones of a strain hardening material with a crack are investigated. A continuum damage mechanics theory based formulation is developed via hypothesis of incremental complementary energy equivalence. Damage distributions in the region of the crack tip classical mechanics tai l chow pdf calculated and the results are compared with those computed using the finite element method. Very good agreement is observed, particularly at high strain hardening exponents.

Next, the sizes of damage zones along a crack are formulated based on the Dugdale model with damage. The results are checked against the solutions from a finite element analysis. Again, very good agreement is observed. It would also be interesting to compute the Dugdale plastic zone which is obtained by extending the Dugdale model for elastic-perfectly plastic materials to strain hardening materials. It is found that the Dugdale plastic zone is comparatively larger than the damage zone predicted by our proposed model, but as the strain hardening exponent is increased, the two results agree much better. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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