College transcript pdf failed to load

На сайте собрано множество порно видео, порно фото college transcript pdf failed to load так же порно рассказы и это все совершенно бесплатно! Harvard announced the investigation publicly on August 30, 2012. Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris described the case as “unprecedented in its scope and magnitude”.

The administrative board completed its investigation in December 2012. Government 1310: “Introduction to Congress” was led by assistant professor Matthew B. Platt in Spring 2010, 2011, and 2012. Students who attended could share their notes. Grades were determined by four take-home exams.

In 2010 and 2011, the take-home exams were essays, but in 2012 they were changed to a short answer format. Students said the short answer format facilitated collaboration. Some guessed that the changes were forced from above. The spring 2012 final exam was assigned April 26 and due May 3 at 5:00 p. Its first page contained the instructions: “The exam is completely open book, open note, open internet, etc.

However, in all other regards, this should fall under similar guidelines that apply to in-class exams. More specifically, students may not discuss the exam with others—this includes resident tutors, writing centers, etc. Students complained about confusing questions on the final exam. Due to “some good questions” from students, Platt clarified three exam questions by email on April 30.

May 3 due date on short notice. Many students received assistance from the teaching fellows. Government 1310 had its spring 2013 Harvard College course listing removed as of October 7, 2012. Platt taught the course through the Harvard Extension School only for spring 2013 and spring 2014.