Creating a constitution the constitutional convention pdf

It establishes the structure and function of the state government and enumerates specific rights of Creating a constitution the constitutional convention pdf citizens. The present-day document, which was enacted in 1851, is the state’s second constitution.

It supersedes Indiana’s 1816 constitution and has had numerous amendments since its adoption. Indiana’s constitution is composed of a preamble, articles, and amendments. Article IV, Section 4, of the U. The state constitution also includes a bill of rights, grants suffrage and regulates elections, provides for a state militia, state educational institutions, and sets limits on government indebtedness.

Article XVI of Indiana’s 1851 constitution. Indiana Territory, objected to statehood at that time. They believed that the territory’s limited size and scattered population would make a state government too costly to operate. 1787, efforts to pass a request to consider statehood for Indiana were renewed. On December 11, 1815, the territory’s House of Representatives voted seven to five in favor of the memorial to Congress stating its qualification to become a state.