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This paper reports on a number of quantitative and qualitative differences found in the use of supportive deborah tannen he said she said pdf feedback devices by Maori and Pakeha listeners in a small sample of conversational New Zealand English, and discusses their implications for cross-cultural communication. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

This research was funded by a grant from the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. My thanks also to Robert Sigley who assisted with the statistical analysis, to Janet Holmes and David Britain who provided valuable comments on earlier drafts of this article, and to the two anonymous reviewers for their helpful remarks. 1998 Published by Elsevier B. Historically, icons were typically elevated to such status because their sexual orientation remains a topic of debate among historians.

Modern gay icons are predominantly female entertainers who commonly garner a large following within LGBT communities over the course of their careers. Sebastian Melmoth—when in exile after his release from prison. 19th century, and is himself considered to be a gay icon. 1858 biography—one of the “rare and great loves that Providence unites in death. Her execution, seen as tragic martyrdom, may have added to her appeal. Jonathan Brockett describes Marie Antoinette and de Lamballe as “poor souls sick to death of the subterfuge and pretenses. Modern gay icons in entertainment include both film stars and musicians, most of whom have strong, distinctive personalities, and many of whom died young or under tragic circumstances.