Diary of a wimpy kid 11 pdf

Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie poster. However, Rodrick tricks Greg, as it is night. After the title sequence, Greg attends his first day diary of a wimpy kid 11 pdf middle school and discovers the ups and downs, such as the missing stall doors in the boys’ bathroom and the difficulties of obtaining a seat during lunch break.

Rowley escape from a game of Gladiator and learn about the Cheese Touch – a rotten piece of cheese on the basketball court that makes anyone who touches it an outcast. Greg also meets Angie, a girl who isolates herself from the other girls to survive. Greg states his intention of becoming the most popular student in school. At the end of the day, Rowley unintentionally embarrasses both boys by asking Greg if he wants to come over and “play”. Greg looks through Rodrick’s yearbook at home and Rodrick catches them, threatening to kill Greg. The next day, Greg signs up for wrestling to become popular but suffers humiliating losses against both Fregley, a weird outcast, and Patty Farrell, Greg’s arch-enemy from elementary school. On Halloween, the two boys encounter teenagers while trick or treating, and they are drenched with water.

When Greg threatens to call the cops, the teenagers chase them to his Grandma’s house. Some time later on, Greg makes it an effort to make Rowley popular by changing his style of clothing and looks, and how he wears a backpack. The boys join Safety Patrol in an effort to become popular, and they try out for a contest that offers a student a chance to become the new cartoonist for the school paper. After Greg breaks Rowley’s arm during a game the boys played, Rowley becomes extremely popular, and wins the contest. Greg becomes jealous of him. At Safety Patrol, Greg panicks when he encounters a truck identical to the teenagers’ from Halloween, and hides the kids in a construction zone.