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So you have decided to take the final step to embracing the force. Does your path follow diy 12v water maker pdf Light or the Dark side?

What ever side you are on, what follows is how to make a Duel-Worthy Lightsabre. That means, you should be able to wield this sword and bash it against things and other lightsabers with little fear of actually breaking the lightsaber. You may end up breaking other things, but the lightsaber will remain intact. The wide range in cost all depends of how crazy you get with your design.

NOTE 1: This Instructable is very TEXT intensive. I am not affiliated or employed with them. I am just a customer. All legal responsibility or resulting civil action due to said property damage, personal injury, amputation of limbs, decapitation, and or death belongs solely to the builder. The author is also not responsible for anyone falling into the Dark Side.

These were my past creations and experiments. I used to own a 7×12 metal lathe. Gather anything that looks “cool”, geeky, futuristic, funky, hi-tech, or would seem useful later on. If the parts do not make sense now, don’t worry, I will explain each section of the lightsaber in detail in the steps to follow. 1 x reflective material with a diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the PC tube. 5 inch chrome sink tube. 1 or 2 x sink tube adapter.

1 to attach the blade holder to sink tube and 2 if you have opted for a machined pommel. What ever else parts you want to attach to the hilt body – grooved section, plates, gold trim, jewels, tapered section, leather. MAKE IT DISTINCTIVELY YOUR OWN. Decide if you want to buy an LED emitting a certain color or a white LED and use color filters. The lightsaber I built for this instructable in theory should be pumping out over 300 lumen In theory.

You will see later how I accomplished this. 1 x compatible optical lense to focus the LED to 10 degrees or less. A Resistor can be used but that method is less efficient. Optional, but without it you just have a stick that lights up.

At the very least consider pulling the board out of a Hasbro toy. Solder iron 45 watt or higher and some good quality solder. First thing is to consider what your lightsaber will look like. What color blade” how long is the blade? Where do you want to place the buttons or switch?