En 10204 type 3.1 b pdf

En 10204 type 3.1 b pdf DELTABAR S FMD 77 TECHNICAL INFORMATION Pdf Download. Hauser Deltabar S FMD 77 technical information online.

Differential pressure with ceramic and polysilicon sensors for flow, level and differential measurement. Deltabar S FMD 77 Accessories pdf manual download. Hauser Deltabar S FMD 77 on manualslib. Level, volume or mass measurement in liquids. Control Drawings 67 Overspill protection .

DN 100 Flange with Membrane ANSI flange ANSI B 16. Low flow cut off: when activated, this function suppresses small flows which can lead to large fluctuations in the measured value. Contains two totalizers as standard. The totalizing mode and unit can be individually set for each totalizer. This allows independent daily and annual quantity totalizing. Hauser Deltabar S devices meet the requirements as per the FISCO model. P01-xMD7xxxx-07-xx-xx-xx-000 Operating elements The operating buttons are located either under the protective cap on the exterior of the device or inside on the electronic insert, depending on configuration of transmitter.

M-DAT can be ordered via feature 100 “Additional options 1” or feature 110 “Additional options 2”. See also page 53 ff. An FF configuration program is required to integrate a device with “Foundation Fieldbus signal” into an FF Foundation Fieldbus network or to set the FF-specific parameters. Hauser Sales for more information. M12 bolts, surface coating GEOMET With copper seal: “MWP”: max. Overload on one side” and “Overload on both sides”: max.

5 V DC, jumper is inserted in “Test” position. See also page 53 ff , feature 30 “Housing, Cable entry, Protection”. Hauser recommends using shielded, twisted-pair two-wire cables. Terminals for wire cross-sections 0. The following applies for the root-extracting characteristic curve: The accuracy data of the Deltabar S is taken into the accuracy calculation of the flow rate with a factor of 0. The influence of the operating pressure on the zero point can be calibrated out. See also page 22, section “Rotating the housing”.