Exam c pdf formula sheet

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ABC Certification Exam – NYS Dept. The ABC Certification Exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The exam covers all the subject areas of the training programs and also the practical experience you’ve gained operating a wastewater treatment plant. Certification testing will change from a written test to a computer-based test. The format is the same as the current written test, three hours and 100 multiple-choice questions. The ABC formula sheet is provided.

You must bring a non-programmable calculator. No more exam filing deadlines or waiting 6 weeks or more to take the test. You cannot schedule to take the test until NYWEA approves your application. After you receive your approval letter from NYWEA, you will make payment directly to AMP. Payment can be done online with a credit card or by mail with a check. 519-9901 or go to their website, “AMP Exam Scheduling”, at the link in the right navigation bar. The test centers have times available Monday through Friday, in the morning or afternoon.

The New York State test center locations are listed below. More information on the test sites can be found on the AMP website link available on the right column of this page. Bring photo identification and any admittance paperwork with you to the test site. You will take a proctored test at a computer workstation.

After completion, the test is instantly graded. You will know your result when you leave the test center. Upon passing the test, NYSDEC automatically processes your certificate effective the day of the test. You will receive your certificate 8 weeks after the test. NYSDEC Exam Topics identify the average number of questions per wastewater category for each certification grade level. The Water Environment Federation has an extensive library of reference manuals available for purchase.