Faa air traffic controller aptitude test pdf

Seal of the United States Federal Aviation Administration. Flag of the United States Faa air traffic controller aptitude test pdf Aviation Administration.

Each LOB has a specific role within the FAA. Ensures compliance with federal regulations. Responsible for aeronautical certification of personnel and aircraft, including pilots, airlines, and mechanics. The map shows yellow over the continental U. The FAA provides air traffic control services over U.

The blue regions are where the U. May 20, 1926, is the cornerstone of the federal government’s regulation of civil aviation. This landmark legislation was passed at the urging of the aviation industry, whose leaders believed the airplane could not reach its full commercial potential without federal action to improve and maintain safety standards. In fulfilling its civil aviation responsibilities, the Department of Commerce initially concentrated on such functions as safety regulations and the certification of pilots and aircraft. 1934, which handles most such matters today—and introduced radio beacons as an effective aid to air navigation.