Faculty senate follow the robert rule for universities pdf

5 percent of faculty senate follow the robert rule for universities pdf world’s best universities. 19th century—encyclopedias, general histories, materials of the University itself—prefer to give 1348 as the year of the founding of the university, rather than 1347 or 1349. The university was opened in 1349. Upper and Lower Saxony, Denmark, and Sweden.

The first graduate was promoted in 1359. In 1403 the university forbade its members to follow the teachings of Wycliffe, but his doctrine continued to gain in popularity. Hus and other Bohemians, though, took advantage of Wenceslaus’ opposition to Gregory. 18 January 1409, the king subverted the university constitution by granting the Bohemian masters three votes. 5000 to 20,000 including 46 professors. In the autumn of 1409, Hus was elected rector of the now Czech-dominated rump university.

Thus, the Prague university lost the largest part of its students and faculty. From then on the university declined to a merely regional institution with a very low status. Charles IV, took what was left into his personal property and some progress was made. In 1609 the obligatory celibacy of the professors was abolished.

In 1616 the Jesuit Academy became a university. It could award academic degrees. Prague by anti-Catholic and anti-Imperial Bohemians. By 1622 the Jesuits had a predominant influence over the emperor. The last four professors at the Carolinum resigned and all of the Carolinum and nine colleges went to the Jesuits. The right of handing out degrees, of holding chancellorships and of appointing the secular professors was also granted to the Jesuits. Golden Bull for the confirmation of the grant to Jesuits.