Fluid mechanics by r.k bansal latest version free pdf

Adsorption at various interfaces has concerned scientists since the beginning of this century. This phenomenon underlies fluid mechanics by r.k bansal latest version free pdf number of extremely important processes of utilitarian significance.

The technological, environmental and biological importance of adsorption can never be in doubt. Its practical applications in industry and environmental protection are of paramount importance. The adsorption of substrates is the first stage in many catalytic processes. The methods for separation of mixtures on a laboratory and on an industrial scale are increasingly based on utilising the change in concentration of components at the interface. Moreover, such vital problems as purification of water, sewages, air and soil are involved here too. On the other hand, many areas in which technological innovation has covered adsorption phenomena have been expanded more through art and craft than through science. In recent years, however, considerable effort has been increasingly directed toward closing the gap between theory and practice.