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This manual is for training purposes only. N Training Course Revision 1. N Model This manual is for training purposes only. 7 Benefits8 Front Panel Controls 8 AC Volts Test . 9 DC Volts Test . QUIZ 2 19 Leakage Test .

22 Capacitive Kick 23 Kickmeter . 23 To Kick a Pair . 23 QUIZ 3 25 EXAM 1. A Brief History of Tempo Research Corporation In August 1984, a small San Diego based company, Tempo Research Corporation, began designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing copper cable fault locators for the telecommunications industry. As time progressed, it became evident that fiber optics would replace copper wire.

The Sidekick 7B In 1993, the Sidekick received a complete face lift and some ergonomic improvements based on recommendations from the field. 1996, and because of their popularity, toggle switches became the standard. It is used by every major telecommunication company in the United States as well as numerous countries around the globe. Mastering The Fundamentals BASIC ELECTRONICS This section provides an overview of basic electronics and the theory associated with outside plant telephone circuitry. Those not familiar with electronics should review this material for a basic understanding of how the various electrical characteristics in a circuit interact.

It is important to know that each twisted pair of copper wires in a telephone cable forms a circuit. Current Current is the rate of flow of electricity through a circuit. In simple terms, it is the number of electrons that flow past a specified point in one second of time. Current is measured in amperes using the letter A in the measurement and the letter I in formulas.

Capacitive Reactance Basically, reactance is to an AC circuit what resistance is to a DC circuit. Reactance, however, is affected by the value of the component and the frequency of the circuit in which it is being used. Capacitive reactance, commonly expressed as Xc, is inversely proportional to the value of the capacitor and the frequency. Power Formulas Like Ohms law, power formulas use several variants of a formula to calculate power.

Voltage, current, and resistance can be used to calculated power when two of these three values are known. Power, in electrical terms, is expressed as Watts using the letter W as its symbol in measurements and the letter P in formulas. There are several types of electrical faults. The most common are opens, shorts and grounds. Other common telephony faults include resistance faults, noise, line imbalance, crosses, splits, power influence, induction, circuit loss, and low loop current.