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This game of thrones pdf for free is about the 2014 graphic adventure. Game of thrones telltale games season one. The story revolves around the northern House Forrester, rulers of Ironrath, whose members, including the five playable characters, attempt to save their family and themselves after ending up on the losing side of the War of the Five Kings. The game includes settings, characters, and voice actors from the novels and TV series.

The game’s first season has received mixed-to-positive reviews, a second season was confirmed by Telltale after the release of the first season’s final episode but has currently been put on hold until further notice. Ty Corey Franck, Martin’s personal assistant, acts as a “story consultant” for the game. Game of Thrones game to be made by a studio that knows how to create a thrilling and interesting story”. They approached HBO with the concept, and after a year of negotiations, were able to secure the license. 2013 Spike VGX video game awards program.

Martin stated that his personal assistant, Ty Corey Franck, is working with Telltale Games as a “story consultant”. Telltale to explore fixed stories in more depth, to appeal to players. 6 episodes following the model of Telltale’s previous adventure games. Choices made by the player influence events in future episodes.

The game switches between the viewpoints of five different characters. Each episode contains five points where the player must make a significant decision, choosing from one of two available options. The game allows the player to make multiple saves, and includes a “rewind” feature where the player can back up and alter a previous decision, thus facilitating the exploration of alternative choices. Some scenes are more action-oriented, requiring the player to respond to a series of quick time events. Failure to do these correctly may end the scene with the death of the playable character or another character, but the game will restart at a checkpoint just before that scene to allow the player to try again. In some instances, failure at particular quick time events results in minor game decisions.

Ironwood groves, coveted by many because of the wood’s military importance. Throughout the game, the player controls one of 5 family members or servants of the Forresters, with decisions made by one character affecting the others, and the ultimate fate of the house. House Forrester and loyal to the Starks. House Forrester that vows to prevent the destruction of her family as had fallen to her birth family, House Branfield. House and its heir, with a prominent military background. He is one of the five playable characters. House who has been exiled to Essos.

She is one of the five playable characters. Ethan’s twin, the second-eldest daughter, who is gifted with a talented voice. Maester of the Citadel serving House Forrester. Lord Forrester and nephew to Duncan. Lady Forrester and, with her, the only surviving members of House Branfield. Margaery Tyrell and a close friend to Mira Forrester.

Meereen and associate of Asher Forrester. The game is separated into six episodes, released in intervals. At the Red Wedding, the Stark bannerman Lord Gregor Forrester and his heir Rodrik are killed by the Freys. Lord Forrester’s last word to his squire, Gared, are that ‘he must protect the North Grove’. Gared escapes the massacre and safely reached the Forrester stronghold Ironrath to bring news of the deaths of Gregor and Rodrik. Ethan Forrester, third son of Gregor, becomes head of the house. Gared is sent to the Wall to escape the revenge of the ascendant Boltons, and Lady Forrester issues instructions to her daughter Mira, a lady-in-waiting for the King’s bride Margaery Tyrell, to look for support for her family at the court in King’s Landing.

Lady Forrester also sends her brother, Malcolm, to search Essos for her exiled son Asher in the hope he can support them. But the young heir to House Forrester, Ethan, is nonetheless killed by Ramsay Snow, bastard and enforcer of the new Warden of the North, Roose Bolton, in order to gain control of the Forresters’ valuable Ironwood reserves. Ludd Whitehill takes Ryon hostage and leaves a garrison of his men at Ironrath. A cart of the bodies from the massacre at the Twins is brought to Ironrath, amongst them is the body of Lord Gregor and the injured but still-living Rodrik.

The Forresters hold a funeral for Ethan and Gregor. Finn and a thief Cotter. Intrigue is rife in King’s Landing, with Mira still searching for support from the Crown – and Mira faces the wrath of a yet unknown conspirator. In distant Yunkai, three days after Daenerys’s liberation, Asher and his female companion Beskha are visited by Malcolm Branfield, sent by his mother to bring him back to Ironrath.