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Parth” and “Partha” redirect here. Lord Vishnu gita press bhagavad gita hindi pdf took rebirth as Lord Krishna. Gandiva’ which was created by Lord Brahma. A prophesy is said about his birth and so many gods attended to see him.

Along with his brothers, Arjuna was trained in religion, science, administration and military arts by Bhishma, their granduncle. When the rest of the children gave up the ball as being lost, Arjuna stayed behind trying to get it. When an astonished Arjuna related the story to Bhishma, Bhishma realised that the stranger was none other than Drona. Bhishma asked Drona to become the Kuru princes’ teacher. Many asuras were killed by him.

Pandavas secretly went from Varnavrat after saving themselves from evil plan of Duryodhana, Shakuni and Karna. Arjuna are able to do the established challenge. Shalya failed to string the bow and got defeated in task. At last Arjuna came forward and lifted bow with just one hand and hit the target hence he won Draupadi.

Later Karna attacked Arjuna on jealousy but Arjuna easily defeated him then Karna asked about his real identity, Arjuna smiled and said that he is brahmin then Karna praised him by comparing him with Lord Vishnu. Arjuna threatened to kill Karna which made Karna flee from battlefield. Dismissively, and without looking because she was preoccupied, Kunti asks him to share it with his brothers. Holding his mother’s orders as a divine command, he requested his elder brother to accept Draupadi. At this point in the Mahabharata, the Pandavas revealed that they were alive.