Google drive will not download my pdf files

Do you find yourself sharing Google Drive google drive will not download my pdf files with the same group over and over again? You may share with your collaborative team, your department, your staff, parents or even your students.

Here’s a quick tip for sharing with groups: create a contact group. Ready to Shake Up Learning? Save Time and Share Files Quickly with a Google Contact Group! You may share with your collaborative team, your department, your staff, parents or even your students. Instead of typing in a long list of names or email addresses to share, simply type the name of the group. This is especially helpful for secondary teachers with several class periods of students, and therefore this tip is particularly handy as your prepare for the start of the school year.

Your Google Apps administrators may have even created these for you. For student groups, you will probably want to name by class period. You can reuse these groups year to year. I typically work with teachers that are outside of my domain, so most are not in my contact list. I use a Google Form to collect their names and the email address associated with their Google accounts. Note: for some this is a gmail address, but gmail is not required. Once collected, I have a nice spreadsheet of everyone’s email address, and I can now copy and paste them to the contact group.

Select your new contact group from the left menu by clicking on the name of the group. The group will be empty. Click on the add contact button at the top of the page. Here you can add users into the empty box.

I copy and paste the email addresses from my Google spreadsheet, but you can also type them in manually. If these users are already in your contacts, these users will begin to appear as you start typing their name in the box. Don’t be fooled by the size of this box, you can easily copy and paste a large number of email addresses. This is much faster than adding contacts individually.