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A Short Guide to a Long Life with David Agus, M. And it’s a way for viewers to directly support creators whose work they enjoy. Something is rotten at Whitefield Seminary. The Johannine Logos as What Is Saving Faith? Clark’s views of faith and saving faith, but rather are the views of the late John Robbins. Which of the Trinity Foundation’s resources should we avoid?

Second, John Robbins’ misrepresented Bahnsen on theonomy and was rather rude during their dialogue. Third, John Robbins’ book on Ayn Rand is a rather uncharitable representation of Objectivism. Most of what I have read on the Trinity Foundation website is good stuff. Hopefully the Trinity Foundation will release the original manuscripts of Clark’s works one day. The Gordon Clark Foundation, however has quite a bit of his works.

I’d say that if you see something that looks strange, to cross reference the article on the Trinity Foundation with a related article on the Gordon Clark Foundation. One other consideration that must be kept in mind however, concerning the Gordon Clark Foundation’s unpublished works of Clark is that Clark might have changed his mind on some topics at a later date. Interpreting Clark’s thought is going to be really tricky unless the unedited version of Clark’s published works are released. But the question is, where is Petersen getting these ideas? John Robbins’ view of faith, not Clark’s, that we find in the book published under Clark’s name.

Make no mistake, that is a serious charge. I have tried contacting Talbot asking him to either confirm or deny the claims made by his students, but I have yet to hear back from him. Suffice it to say anyone making that claim, whether it is Talbot or another professors at Whitefield, is just being silly to the point of absurdity. Clark unambiguously rejected the traditional threefold definition of saving faith and instead properly defined faith as understanding with assent. And I prefer John Calvin who talks about assent itself being pious.