Haganai light novel volume 11 pdf

Imōto Sae Ireba Ii light novel volume 1 cover. Gaiden: Imōto ni Saenareba Ii! The story follows the novelist Itsuki Hashima who is surrounded by various people, including a beautiful genius writer who loves him, a big-sisterly college classmate, a fellow male writer, a sadistic tax accountant, and his editor. As the haganai light novel volume 11 pdf progresses, the underlying conflicts of dreams and goals surface, as each character attempts to achieve their dreams, in their own way.

One such example is the rivalry between author Itsuki and his friend Haruto. Itsuki’s stories are driven by a passion for stories about little sisters with praise from a selective yet strongly supportive fan-base, whereas Haruto’s stories are given by victory and romance through more common, yet popular cliches. Each of their stories are riddled with common light novel themes and concepts, such as romantic comedy elements and erotic illustrations. They are all looked after by Itsuki’s younger “brother” Chihiro.

Itsuki is the 20-year-old protagonist of the series who has an obsession towards younger sisters. Despite his success, his irrational personality and writing style has led to mediocre success compared to his fellow writers. His relationship with his father became worse when his father remarried to Chihiro’s mother only three years after Itsuki’s mother died. Chihiro appears as Itsuki’s younger stepbrother, but Chihiro is actually a girl. She is a dependable person who looks after everyone around her.