Him for the weekend pdf

It was Peckinpah’s final film before his death in 1984. Him for the weekend pdf Fassett goes into the bathroom to take a shower, two assassins enter the bedroom and kill his wife. Fassett, unaware of his employer’s involvement, is consumed by grief and rage. He hunts the assassins, eventually uncovering a Soviet spy network known as Omega.

Fassett tells the director that he wants to turn some of Omega’s agents to the side of the West. Fassett explains that Tanner’s closest friends are Omega agents. He believes Tanner could convince the Soviet spies to defect. He offers videotaped evidence of Tanner’s friends discussing financial matters with a Russian man, whom Fassett identifies as a KGB agent.

Tanner met his friends in college, and they have all gone on to successful careers. Tanner agrees, but only on the condition that someone from the CIA appear as a guest on his show. Danforth agrees to this condition. He does not want them involved but cannot tell her why he wants her to stay away.

While Tanner is driving his wife and son to the airport, their car is ambushed, and Ali and the child are kidnapped. With Fassett’s intervention they are rescued unhurt and the kidnapper is shot dead. In the meantime, Tanner’s home has been wired with closed circuit video so Fassett can gather more evidence. Now fully aware that Tanner is involved with the CIA, Ali and their son are allowed to stay. Osterman, Tremayne and Cardone arrive for the weekend, each having recently encountered difficulties engineered by the CIA in order to unsettle them and make them receptive to defection. On the second night, Fassett sends a video feed to Tanner’s living room television, replaying the evidence of the three men meeting with the KGB agent. Tanner’s son discovers the severed head of the family dog in the refrigerator, but it turns out to be fake.