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Foldit’s 57,000 players how to cite a pdf online providing useful results that matched or outperformed algorithmically computed solutions. University of Washington, founded the Foldit project.

Seth Cooper was the lead game designer. CASP is an international program to assess methods of protein structure prediction and identify those that are most productive. Identifying natural proteins’ structural configurations enables scientists to understand them better. Foldit is a means to discover native protein structures faster through distributed computing.

However, Foldit has a greater emphasis on community collaboration through its forums, where users can collaborate on certain folds. Furthermore, Foldit’s crowdsourced approach places a greater emphasis on the user. Foldit’s virtual interaction and gamification create a unique and innovative environment with the potential to greatly advance protein folding research. Current puzzles are based on well-understood proteins. By analysing how humans intuitively approach these puzzles, researchers hope to improve the algorithms used by protein-folding software.