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Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? This page was last edited on 6 December 2017, at 14:14. A paper Mech Warrior made to how to draw cool stuff pdf download to walk when a crank is turned.

Timberwolf type from the video games. This is my first attempt at designing my own papercraft automation. It was inspired by an addiction to the Mech Warrior video games and was originally a birthday gift for someone similarly addicted. There are two options for downloading. If you would like the Photoshop, SVG or just about any CAD file type, just let me know and I will upload them.

To get the paper I suggest checking around common printers, people tend to print off some doubles, nearly blank and blank pages. At my university you can get scrap paper that will work for this by the handfuls. If you are lucky you can get some thicker paper leftover from posters, which is great for this type of project. With a bit of luck you can even save a printer from the dump and print the pattern for free. To get a printer start by asking people you know who might have such things laying around.

It is also good to try asking at corporate offices. I asked at a place I worked and was able to get a black and white laser printer with a full toner cartridge for free. Since there isn’t too much colour in these textures it won’t make much of a difference if it is black and white or colour printer. However, it is important to but new blades for the knife and change them when they are dull. Some people will just use a dull blade, which destroys the cutting mat and results in a rough edge on the paper.

The metal ruler is not necessary, but it makes life much easier to cut long straight lines. Take your free paper and the attached file and print it, use the backside of the paper if there is something on the front. The back side won’t be too visible when the Mech is finished. Start by cutting out the holes in the parts marked with a red X followed by the parts themselves.