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5 TRAINING MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download ADOBE PAGEMAKER 6. how to insert adobe pdf into word instruction manuals, ADOBE user manuals, service manual, PAGEMAKER 6.

Related Manuals for ADOBE PAGEMAKER 6. Summary of Contents for ADOBE PAGEMAKER 6. 5 Foundation Level Training Manual Corporate Edition C C T G L O B A L . If the version of courseware that you are viewing is marked as NOT FOR TRAINING, SAMPLE, or similar, then it cannot be used as part of a training course, and is made available purely for content and style review. This is to give you the opportunity to preview our courseware, prior to making a purchasing decision. 3 AKER XTENSIONS Extensions 3 Using Publication files .

3 Using Template files . Changing the Document Setup . 26 ASTER AGES Setting Up Master Pages 26 To Display the Master Page content. 28 AVING OCUMENTS Using the Save and Save As commands.

Using the Color Options dialog box . 52 Applying a Color Name 53 Applying Color Type. 53 Applying a Color Model 54 Applying a Color Field 54 Previewing Colors . 75 HARACTER PECIFICATIONS IALOG Using the Character Specifications dialog box . 75 To display the Character Specifications dialog box . 75 Setting Font Size .

76 Setting Horizontal Scale 76 Setting text Color . Moving objects using the Control Palette. 99 Setting the Distribute Icons99 Using the Alignment Preview . 30 days before having to purchase it.

This is a great opportunity to learn the program and see if you like it, before investing in it. General to open the General General Preferences dialog box. Setting the The Save option allows you to select the saving option appropriate for Save Option you. You can determine whether the Guides appear in front of or behind Guides objects.

Page icons, horizontal and vertical Scroll Bars, Rulers, the Control palette, the Toolbox, and other palettes. Margin Guides set to a size specified in the Page Setup dialog box. A rectangle with a black key line and a drop shadow represents the page. By default every Colors palette must contain the following colors : None, Paper, Black, and Registration. The Colors palette contains the following colors by default: None, Paper, Black, and Registration. None: Apply this color to objects you want to be transparent-that is when you want the color of a background object to show through the selected object.