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The name originated from a 1970s brand of jeans called “gurls”, with the advertising slogan: “I can’t live without men”, and was applied to fashion- and peer-conscious girls in their teens and early twenties. Its usage peaked in the 2000s and has gradually declined. The term gradually drifted to apply to an older group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage gained the word a “childish” image. Japan’s fashion economy with gyaru brands branching out and becoming more accessible in rural areas.

In Tokyo, more often than not, a shopping center at each main train station is dedicated to offering the newest and trendiest items from popular Gal brands. Some brands are also reaching overseas by having their items easily accessible in webshops offering worldwide shipping services. A “gal circle” is a meet up of gals to hang out together. Its popularity peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s. The makeup typically consists of dark eyeliner and fake eyelashes used in ways intended to make the eyes appear larger, as well as contouring of the face for a slimming effect. Clothing pieces for gyaru fashion differ depending on which gyaru style the individual chooses.

Sayoko Ozaki, and Rina Sakurai. There are various subcategories of “gals” depending on the choice of fashion, and also gender. Basically the default gyaru style. It is an umbrella term for the many subcategories or themes of gal styles. This look usually includes a lot of gold, and jewelry. It was said to be a joke in Egg magazine about this style, and was not a serious style.

Banbas wear darker colors than manbas, and sometimes dress in club wear. It is one of the more over the top and also one of the most expensive style of dress of all of the categories. Gyaru of this style wear dresses or skirts in pink or other pastels with lots of lace and bows. Rose patterns, pearls and crown motifs are also very common. The make-up style has even more exaggerated eyes than the typical gyaru. Hime gyaru does not only include clothes, but many girls see it as a way of life and make or buy custom-made decor for their homes. Not to be confused with Lolita fashion.

A gyaru with an artificial deep tan and bleached hair. This style was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Western gyaru includes countries in the west. Gaijin gyaru have their own communities, and forums with lists of tutorials to help beginner gyaru with make up and hair basics and to also meet up with each other during travel if they so choose. Typically, gyaruo have similar elements to their appearance with gyaru in terms of having high volume styled hair, trendy fashion styles, and sometimes tanned skin. Gyaru style that has the yanki and biker gang culture with gyaru make up and style.

The girls drive or ride bikes, and tend to have tattoos and piercings. They not only look rebellious, but the magazine caters to girls who live on the edge. Ane gyaru is more of a tougher version of Onee gyaru, and are for a bit more mature gals. Magazine of choice for fans and followers is Soul Sister, a relatively new magazine.