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For the radio station in Phoenix, Arizona at 98. AM band, which split off from KTAR-FM on January 1, 2007, as to provide more news on 92. That lasted until 1978, when they switched to a disco format which they would have for about two years, using the name “Disco how to move pdf to fire hd”. Show hosts included Scott Tuchman and Rick Nuhn.

The station dropped disco for country in 1980, going by “KC-92″. 3 FM, the station played a softer version of country formats common in the Phoenix market, and the station slogan was ‘Easy Country’. The Fire Station, Arizona’s 92 Fire FM”, and later as “92. 3 KKFR, Your Fire Station! 3”, but was forced to drop that by Mike Jacobs, the owner of the “Hot Hits” slogan nationally.

They would later modify it to “Power 92. January to March 1995, the station re-added rhythmic and dance music to the playlist, which helped the station regain much of its lost audience. By the end of the year, the station was no longer Top 40 at all. ESPN Phoenix 620 AM on September 15, 2014 when Arizona Sports gradually moved to 98. 7 FM on January 6, 2014.