How to publish to a pdf file in windows 10

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Print PDF file in VB. NET Interview Questions » Print PDF file in VB. I was searching the web to print a pdf file by giving printer name. I came accross your article. I am trying to do this in Visual Basic 6. Do you have any idea how it can be done ? I do have a Similar requirement but i have to print an rtf file out , so wil this lil beauty work for that too?

Thank Ripel, saved me a it of coding. I tried this code but nothing happens when I run it. I don’t get any errors and nothing prints out. I too have a report that needs to print from 2 diferent trays. I managed to print multiple pdfs file.

The first pdf files printed perfectly. There was an error opening this document. I want to print a word document on Adobe PDF printer and want to save output file automatically. What will be ths process for that?

But additionaly if i want to abort the printing process in between then how can i implement it. This is sudhakar, I have requirement like printing a pdf file in different trays of single printer. Suppose a pdf file has 100 pages. 1 to 100 in tray3. Where N and M are whole numbers with in the range of 2 to 99. Can you help me out.

How can i select particular tray for printing pdf? I just tried to use your solution, unfortunately it doesn’t work on Acrobat 8. I saw a message posting on the adobe site from a member of the adobe team, stating that there is a bug in Reader 8. The system cannot find the file specified. My requirement is to print a word document to print on client system. I don’t know why I have unexpected end error occuring on this statement?

To all you that this won’t work on Acrobat 8. The solution that I found is in the command line arguments for acrobat. Just noticed that the document I referred to was written in 2002. However, until I added the drivername portname parameters to the command, it would not print. May have to do with printing to a shared printer, I don’t know.