How to remove pdf password free

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It’s boring to enter password for opening PDF files. So remove password from PDF files for free using any of the top 3 methods PDF decryption techniques. PDF related tricks and tutorials such as remove password from PDF file, decrypt PDF, etc. OU may have several password protected PDF files in your computer such as your credit card statements, other bank statements, etc. It’s quite ok to have passwords for PDF files that we rarely use but the situation changes as we use the file more frequently. It can be monotonous and tiresome to type the password each time you need to open the PDF file.

In such cases, you can remove the password protection from a PDF file by decrypting it. PDF decryption is very easy but requires specialised software to do that. In this tutorial, you will see how to remove password from PDF file in three distinct methods. The easiest and recommended way to remove password is using the browser.

A PDf file opened in google chrome to decrypt the PDF i. You will be quite surprised to know that you can actually use your web browser as PDF password remover tool. The main advantage of this trick is that you require no extra software to remove PDF passwords. Furthermore, the time required is the least in this case. The trick for removing PDF file password using browser alone is to open the PDF file in the browser and then downloading it from the print option. Even though the process is same for every browser, the options may be spread around.

Open the PDF file in the web browser by dragging and dropping the PDF file into a new tab. Then select your browser from the list. Right click on the file and hit print. This should download the PDF file containing no passwords.

If you have trouble in any of these steps, please leave a comment below and I will help you. The main advantage of the trick is that it can be used to unlock PDF files right from your mobile device or tablet. However, decrypting PDF files of huge size is is not efficient with this method as the time taken for uploading, decrypting and downloading is high. There are several websites that offer free password removal from PDF files. We will take a look at some of the most popular PDF password remover websites. You can unlock PDF files using web applications no matter what platform you use i. Unlock Password allows you to remove PDF passwords instantly if you know the password.

You can even remove passwords from files that you don’t own provided the PDF is weakly encrypted. Another cool feature of UnlockPDF is that you can add the password protected PDF from your cloud storage such as Google drive and dropbox. PDF Unlock is another popular site that allows you to remove password and restrictions from PDF file. You can add PDF files by dragging and dropping from your computer. Like UnlockPDF, this site also supports importing PDFs from cloud storage locations. Even though we have discussed two ways to remove PDF password, the fastest and the guaranteed decryption is achieved by using a PDF file password remover software. There are several such software but most of them are not free.

The software is actually used to recover lost PDF password but it also packs a PDF decryption feature. Launch the APDFPR software and then click the open button located at the top left. Select the password protected PDF file from the dialog box and hit open. It will now ask you for the PDF file password. How to extract Password Protected RAR file without password?

Well, this is most detailed tutorial on this subject I could found on the web. PDF documents that and as a result I wasn’t able to print, copy or edit those PDF files. I protected one PDF out of two a decade back so I couldn’t recall what the password was. I unlocked the first with the help of this article but I couldn’t unlock the second one because it was protected by some latest version of acrobat. It eliminates owner-level password from PDF files. It does work when you know the password.