How to write a chapter book pdf

How to Write a Journal Response to a Book. Journaling how to write a chapter book pdf a great way to process what you’ve read and develop your understanding of the text. Many teachers give response journal assignments to help students clarify what’s read, solidify their reactions to and opinions on the text, and organize their thoughts before working on a larger assignment.

As such, to write a journal response to a book, you’ll need to engage with the text as you read it and write out your thoughts on that text in a cohesive, thorough manner. By practicing careful reading and writing habits, you will be able to write a thoughtful response that can help launch a term paper or extended essay on a given reading. The first half of any journal response should involve a concise summary and analysis of the book and any main points the author seems to make. The summary section of your journal should be thorough enough that you could read through your journal response and be able to write a short paper on the book. Address what the main thesis is for the reading. What is the reading about, and why did the author write the text? If the book is about something, like the social and political happenings of the author’s time, what does the author ultimately think and how do you know this?

Incorporate one or two important quotes that are representative of the rest of the text. Respond to the reading with your own commentary. The second half of a journal response should be your commentary on the text. This part of the journal is your subjective opinion of the book and any arguments or conclusions you believe are present in the text. While the summary focuses on the “what” of the reading, your commentary should focus on the “why.