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This article is about the city of Sylhet. The city has a population of more than half a million. Sylhet is one of Bangladesh’s most important spiritual and cultural centres. Muslim saints, attract ibn batutta file type pdf thousand devotees each year.

The Government of Bangladesh designated Sylhet a metropolitan area in 2009. General M A G Osmani, the Commander of the Bangladesh Liberation Forces. Great Britain and the United States of America. Srihatta became known as Sylhet in English. The history of the dynasts in the region is documented by their copper-plate charters.

It was by his labours that the people of these mountains became converted to Islam” wrote Battuta in his diary. Sylhet for agricultural production and enjoyed relative prosperity. Pratapgarh, Bahua, Jaintia, Habili, Sarail, Laur and Harinagar. The district generated annual revenues of 167,000 rupees. Sylhet came under British administration in 1765.

Mulnicherra Estate in Sylhet in 1857. 1874 in order to facilitate Assam’s educational and commercial development. The Muslims of Sylhet generally favored reunion with Bengal. By the 1920s, organizations such as the Sylhet Peoples Association and Sylhet-Bengal Reunion League mobilized public opinion demanding the division’s incorporation into Bengal. Nevertheless, the Bengalis of Sylhet were influentially placed in the administration, educational institutions and commercial activities of Assam.

Sylhet’s lascars married English women. Allied front before settling down in the United Kingdom, where they opened cafes and restaurants. The referendum was held on 6 July 1947. Pakistani military and Bangladesh-India Allied Forces from 7 to 15 December 1971, eventually leading to a Pakistani surrender and the liberation of Sylhet. It was made a metropolitan city in 2009. Bangladesh within the Sylhet Division, within the Sylhet District and Sylhet Sadar Upazila.

The rainy season from April to October is hot and humid with very heavy showers and thunderstorms almost every day, whilst the short dry season from November to February is very warm and fairly clear. The city is located within the region where there are hills and basins which constitute one of the most distinctive regions in Bangladesh. Available limestone deposits in different parts of the region suggest that the whole area was under the ocean in the Oligo-Miocene. In the last 150 years three major earthquakes hit the city, at a magnitude of at least 7. 1918, although many people are unaware that Sylhet lies on an earthquake prone zone. A Tea Garden at Jaflong , Sylhet . A Tea Tree in a tea garden at Sylhet .