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Bermuda community be they social, cultural, political or economic. The current law creates Mixed Status Families through a series of factors principally related to effective dates of various sections of the Act, which lead to some members of a family qualifying for either PRC or Bermudian Status while others do not have an avenue to apply for neither the PRC nor Bermudian Status, leaving them subject to Immigration control. Government debt, unfunded pensions etc. So if Bermudians can not fill an accountant position job why are there accountants filling up the same position through years? That way no one will expect to get statues for working in Bermuda over 10 years. Consideration should be given to who the members of the immigration reform working group were.

In of itself, this is page upon page of what? What are the most likely points in this, that this Government will see fit for purpose? So far, all the complaints here is referring to not having enough jobs or by giving mixed families status will take Bermudians job. But you fail to realize that these people have been here for years and have already jobs. Its not fair to have a father have status but his wife and children have nothing.

Alot of families are divide. Let these divided family that have already been here for X amount of years and that have been contributing to the economy grant status. If the father has Bda status the wife obtains it after 10 years of marriage. The kids will obtain it through the parents.

What if they divorce or he dies? The kids will be Bermudian but the parent has to leave once the kids are 18. Before u going calling people names maybe you need to do some research. You lot make me holler with your screen names lmfao. As convincing as the one black Trump voter. To preotect jobs for bermudians is total rubbish.

Firstly, the jobs are here for bermudians its that simple. The only priblem is that many of the Bermudians not innwork are unemployable. Most are uneducated for the jobs at hand so instead of creating this bill more should be done to train bermudians for those jobs duh! Even so, i work in the hospitality industry and let me tell you the reason they hire foreigners is because they have the proper training and etiquette and knowledge of whats going on whereas the average Bermudian does not. What employer in their right mind would want to hire and keep on people who tell the employer how, what and when they can work. The sense of entitlement to a job shouldnt mean you get the job! They hire foreigneres because its easier to exploit them.