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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Incheon international airport map pdf authorities claim that average departure and arrival takes 19 minutes and 12 minutes, respectively, as compared to worldwide average of 60 minutes and 45 minutes, respectively, ranking it among of the fastest airports in the world for customs processing.

Its duty-free shopping mall has been rated the world’s best for three years in a row in 2013 by Business Traveller. Incheon International Airport also claims that it has only a 0. The two islands were originally separated by shallow sea. The reclaimed area as well as the two islands are all part of Jung-gu, an administrative district of Incheon.

2012 due to the institution’s decision to discontinue the Best Airport Worldwide category. 1988, international air traffic to Korea increased. To reduce the load on Gimpo International Airport, the government decided to build a new airport. 124 km from Seoul, but due to its distance, it was opposed by Seoul and Gyeonggi citizens. In November 1992, the construction of the Incheon airport began on reclaimed land between Yeongjong Island and Youngyu Island, and took eight years to finish, with an additional six months for testing. Completion was initially scheduled for 1997 but delayed due to the economic crisis.

Finally, the airport was officially opened on March 29, 2001. Tests on the runways, taxiways, and ramps showed that the airport could handle the aircraft. January 10, 2008 to build Yeongjong Medical Centre, which was completed in 2012. The airport serves as a hub for international civilian air transportation and cargo traffic in East Asia. In 2016, the airport served a total of 57,849,814 passengers. The airport was originally planned to be built in three phases, incrementally increasing airport capacity as the demand grew.

This was changed, however, to four phases after the airport was opened. In Phase 1, the airport had a capacity of 30 million passengers annually, and a cargo capacity of 1. Phase 2 construction began in 2002, and was originally expected to be completed in December 2008. August 2008, the schedule was modified, and Phase 2 construction was completed on 20 June 2008. 13-hectare cargo terminal area were added.

Many long-distance foreign carriers were moved to the new concourse, with Korean Air and Asiana Airlines continuing to use the existing terminal. 4 trillion until 2017 to expand Incheon International Airport. The terminals are connected to each other by the underground “Starline” train. After completion, Incheon International Airport is able to handle 62 million passengers and 5. 8 million tons of cargo a year, up from the current capacity of 44 million passengers and 4. Construction began in 2011 and was completed in 2017. The terminal opened on January 18th 2018.

The airport also signed an agreement to build a resort called “Inspire” which includes 6-star hotels, theme parks, and a casino. Estimated to be completed in 2020, this is the final and the ultimate construction stage. It will be able to handle 100 million passengers and 7 million metric tonnes of cargo annually, with further possible expansions. The airport is projected to be transformed into one of the ten busiest airports in the world by 2020. Its construction cost was 1. 50 customs inspection ports, 2 biological quarantine counters, 6 stationary and 14 portable passenger quarantine counters, 120 arrival passport inspection counters, 8 arrival security ports, 28 departure security ports, 252 check in counters, and 120 departure passport inspection counters. Instead of having airport staff at the counter, there is a machine where travelers input their flight information, scan their passports, receive their flight tickets and lastly, load the luggage onto the conveyor.

This system was planned to be introduced in Terminal 2, but in May 2015 Incheon Airport used one of the counter islands for the unmanned luggage handling system. The passenger concourse was completed at the end of May 2008. A new passenger terminal opened on January 18, 2018. Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Best Airport Worldwide at the first Airport Service Quality Awards in 2007. Won the GT Tested Award for Best Airport in the World in January 2007. Best Airport in the World for the second straight year in January 2008.

Named World’s Best Airport for 2009, in the World Airport Survey results published by Skytrax. In 2012 it was ranked the best airport in the world by Skytrax. A total of 99 rounds were discharged at the aircraft, which was out of range and made a safe landing without sustaining any damage. A deluxe limousine bus at Incheon Airport bound for Jamsil Subway Station in Seoul.