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Frequently asked questions about using Wikipedia’s categories. This page is intended for readers of Wikipedia. Why is an article not in the categories I intitle index of pdf principles of management expect?

What types of categories are there? How else can I navigate articles? Can I specify categories when searching? Categories are groups of articles on similar topics. At the bottom of an article, you will see a box containing the categories to which that article has been assigned.

Simply click any of these categories to go to the corresponding category page. From there you can browse other articles on the same topic, or navigate through the category tree to find other related categories. These are listed in a special section of the category page, which appears above the list of articles belonging to the category. Click on these subcategories to navigate through the category tree to find more specific groups of articles. These are listed in the box at the bottom of a category page, just as on a Wikipedia article page.

Articles are not usually placed in every category to which they logically belong. In many cases they will not be placed directly into a category if they belong to one of its subcategories. This is because otherwise categories would become too large, and the list of categories on articles too long. To find the articles you are looking for, it may be necessary to dig down. Wikipedia’s editors for project management purposes, rather than for browsing.

Of course, categories are not the only Wikipedia feature for browsing articles on particular topics. Readers most often find related articles simply by clicking the links that appear in the article they are reading. But bare, simple search words or phrases will always find pages in a category even if no category is specified. This is a list of frequently asked questions about using and contributing to Wikipedia.

Works like a library reference desk. Ask a question here and Wikipedia volunteers will try to answer it. Pages where editors can ask questions and request assistance from people who are familiar with the policies and guidelines covered by each individual board. A how-to guide that explains the process of contributing to the English Wikipedia, both for novice users and experienced editors. For a list of the most commonly used Wiki markup and templates. For a list of Wikipedia’s directories and indexes.

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