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Torrentz will always love you. Bon Temps, Louisiana, two years after the invention of a synthetic blood that has allowed vampires to “come out of the coffin” and allow their presence to be known to mankind. Now they are struggling for equal rights and assimilation, while anti-vampire organizations begin to gain power. United States, and was produced by Jennifer lynn barnes bad blood pdf in association with Ball’s production company, Your Face Goes Here Entertainment.

The series premiered on September 7, 2008 and concluded on August 24, 2014, comprising seven seasons and 80 episodes. Japanese scientists, which eliminated vampires’ need for human blood to survive, allowed vampires to “come out of the coffin” and reveal their existence to the world. Sam is a shapeshifter, though this secret is kept hidden from most of the town. Ball signed a two-year agreement with HBO to develop and produce original programming for the network. However, Harris already had two other adaptation options for the books. She said she chose to work with him, though, because ” really ‘got’ me. That’s how he convinced me to go with him.

I just felt that he understood what I was doing with the books. Cast members Paquin, Kwanten and Trammell were announced in February 2007 and Moyer later on in April. The pilot was shot in the early summer of 2007 and was officially ordered to series in August, at which point Ball had already written several more episodes. 12-episode first season until 2008.

That September, after only the first two episodes of the series had aired, HBO placed an order for a second season of 12 episodes, with production scheduled to commence in January 2009 for a summer premiere. The makers of the title sequence wanted to explore themes of redemption and forgiveness. The title sequence was created by the independent film company Digital Kitchen. Rebirth is also recognized through an image of a woman being “washed clean” from her sins in a lake, as well as a Reverend blessing and possibly performing an exorcism on a member of his congregation.

Some of the footage used in the sequence was filmed on location. In editing the opening, individual frames were splattered with drops of blood. The emulsion was then filmed being further separated by chemicals, and those shots of this separation were placed back into the final edit. Eight different typefaces, inspired by Southern road signs, were also created manually for cast and crew credits, as well as the show’s title card. 5 on a list of TV’s top 10 credits sequences, as selected by readers. May 19, 2009, the same day as the release of the DVD and Blu-ray of the first season. May 25, 2010, to coincide with the third season’s premiere in June.