Keyboard download pdf in windows 10

Please forward this error screen to 38. IGO STOWAWAY BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard owner’s manual online. Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for Pocket PC keyboard download pdf in windows 10 and Windows Mobile 5.

Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard Keyboard pdf manual download. Igo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard on manualslib. Ultra-slim bluetooth keyboard for pocket pc 2003 and windows mobile 5. Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile Keyboard Driver: Stowaway 4. 0 or greater is required to install the keyboard driver application. Disable or uninstall any other keyboard or mouse applications that you have previously installed on your mobile device.

ENABLING THE KEYBOARD DRIVER 1. To enable the Stowaway keyboard, tap the Enable button on the Config screen of the keyboard application. The following section deals strictly with Secure Connections. By default the Secure box is checked in the driver and is the recommended method, as it provides the best security and reconnection. A Secure connection requires authentication by entering the same passkey on the mobile device and then on the keyboard. You will be prompted for a passkey and will see a Bluetooth Passkey dialog box. UNSECURED CONNECTIONS The following sequence may depend on the settings in your Bluetooth Manager and which Bluetooth stack is present on your mobile device.

For more information see Unsecured Mode 2. The mobile device will scan for the Stowaway Keyboard. Stowaway Ultra-Slim Owner’s Manual for Windows Mobile Settings. Depending on the mobile device’s Bluetooth Accessibility Settings and Bluetooth Stack you may see this screen next.

Tapping Make PDA accessible will set the Bluetooth Accessibility Settings to allow automatic reconnection of the mobile device and the keyboard when both are powered on and in range. On the Bluetooth Status Page the keyboard battery information is displayed. The three states of the battery are: a. This is the most common state of the battery. This is a warning that the batteries have reached a threshold where they should be replaced soon. If several Stowaway keyboards happen to be nearby and in Discoverable Mode, the scan will display all of these devices in the list.