Medical terminology in a flash 2nd edition pdf

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You can choose your language settings from within the program. Intended primarily for children, it portrays the act of ducking and covering by Bert the Turtle. A log, a large rock, or any depression in the earth’s surface provides some protection. Protect exposed skin from heat by putting hands and arms under or near the body and keeping the helmet on.

Remain facedown until the blast wave passes and debris stops falling. Stay calm, check for injury, check weapons and equipment damage, and prepare to continue the mission. Army training, soldiers are taught to fall down immediately and cover their face and hands in much the same way as is described above. Sheltering is, as depicted in the film, also the final phase of the “duck and cover” countermeasure in the surprise attack scenario. The “duck and cover” countermeasure could save thousands. This is because people, being naturally inquisitive, would instead run to windows to try to locate the source of the immensely bright flash generated at the instant of the explosion.