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To maximize the functionality of this website, please enable Javascript. PIETENPOL AIR CAMPER KITS Pietenpol Aircamper is low in cost, durable and most of all, FUN! Probably the biggest reason they are inexpensive to build is that almost no aircraft rated-materials are required by the design. Enter the quantity desired of each item in the Buy column. Add to Wishlist to store them for ordering later.

The Pietenpol Air Camper continues to be a successful design for the same reasons homebuilders were so fascinated by the design 85 years ago. It still has graceful styling, predictable flying qualities, and easy construction. They are durable because Bernard went out of his way to make every part of the ship stronger than necessary. Kit supports both single piece wing and three piece wing build. Kit supports both original length fuselage and extended length fuselage build.

Original plans developed and updated by the designer Bernard H Pietenpol. Plans, with their drawings, specifications, and instructions are copyrighted material. Pietenpol And Sons Air Camper Aircraft L. Wing Surface: 140 sq ft Length 17 ft. Engine: Ford Model A, Corvair, A-65, other.

Climb Light: Load over 500 ft. Climb Full: Load over 200 ft. Weight of Wing: Complete 95 lbs. Weight of Body: Complete 130 lbs. Weight of Motor with Magneto: Complete 244 lbs.