Nordyne motors wiring diagram manual pdf

Nordyne motors wiring diagram manual pdf R4GD SERIES INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Nordyne R4GD Series installation instructions manual online.

R4GD Series Air Conditioner pdf manual download. Nordyne R4GD Series on manualslib. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Do not try to light any Improper installation, ad- appliance. TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS . Literature, Labels, and Tags .

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Equipment Check — All units have been securely packaged at the point of shipment. After unpacking the unit, carefully inspect it for apparent and concealed damage. Electric Cooling units are damage should be filed with the carrier by the consignee. DIMENSIONS Electric Supply Entry Low Voltage Entry Gas Supply 31. 75 Horizontal Horizontal Supply Duct Return Duct Condensing Opening Opening Coil 8.

9 To Electrical Opening Inside Perimeter of Base Rail 2. Do not install the unit such that exhaust A vent cover assembly has been supplied with the unit. It from the vent termination is directed into window wells, can be found secured to the gas controls within the control stairwells, under decks, or in alcoves or similarly area of this unit. Rigging and Hoisting — The unit should be lifted using slings and spreader bars. The spreader bars are necessary to prevent damaging the top of the unit’s cabinet. Make that the lifting equipment is adequate for the load.

Refer to Figure 1 for unit weights. Keep the unit in an upright position at all times. CIRCULATING AIR SUPPLY AIR SUPPLY FOR COMBUSTION AND VENTILATION WARNING: Provisions must be made in the installation of this unit to Products of combustion must not be allowed to provide an adequate supply of air for combustion. Detailed instructions for determining the adequacy of an installation enter the return air ductwork or the circulating can be found in the current revision of the National Fuel Gas air supply. It is recommended that the outlet duct be provided with a GAS SUPPLY AND PIPING removable access panel. This opening should be accessible when the unit is installed in service and shall be of a size This unit has right side gas entry. A typical gas service such that the smoke or reflected light may be observed hookup is shown in Figure 7.

IMPORTANT NOTES: can be achieved simply by adjusting the furnace manifold pressure as shown in Table 5. Gas piping must not be run in or through air ducts, chimneys, gas vents, elevator shafts, etc. Propane Gas Conversion Compounds used on threaded joints of gas piping must be IMPORTANT NOTE: When converting a low NOx Furnace resistant to the actions of liquefied petroleum gases. Use a separate branch electrical circuit for this unit. A CAUTION: means of electrical disconnect must be located within sight of and readily accessibility to the unit.

To avoid personal injury or property damage, The unit is shipped from the factory wired for 240 volt make certain that the motor leads cannot come transformer operation. Verify that the ductwork is sealed to prevent air cooling, remove either the red or orange wire from the leakage. ORANGE MED LOW BLUE MED HIGH BLUE or MEDIUM BLACK BLACK HIGH WHITE WHITE COMMON Figure 8. Recommended T’stat FURNACE BOARD T’stat Wire Length Ft.

At altitudes above 2,000 ft. FOR YOUR SAFETY POUR VOTRE SÉCURITÉ. READ BEFORE OPERATING À LIRE AVANT L’EMPLOI WARNING: ATTENTION! COMPONENT FUNCTIONS Lower blower speeds will increase the temperature rise and higher blower speeds will decrease the temperature rise.

Flame Sensor — The flame sensor acts to prove that flame has carried over from the ignitor to the right-most The unit is equipped with a multi-speed motor. The system refrigerant The ability to properly perform maintenance on this equipment charge can be checked and adjusted through the service requires certain mechanical skills and tools. Cleaning of Heat Exchanger — If the heat exchanger detergent and water. When all heat exchanger tubes have been cleaned, Replace all the parts in reverse order from which they any debris inside the tubes can be removed with the were removed. Follow the lighting instructions found on the lower With a light, check the condition of the upper and unit door to return the unit to operation. After the safety circuit blower circuit.