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This article is about the lifestyle brand. Kartsotis wanted to create an American watch-manufacturing brand to rival Swiss-makers at a lower price notes on winding up of a company pdf. The management at Bedrock Manufacturing chose the name “Shinola” when a Kartsotis associate used the World War II era colloquialism, “You don’t know shit from Shinola,” as a rejoinder to Kartsotis’ stated ambition of building a great company. Unexpectedly, the joke generated a serious discussion about restoring the Shinola brand.

15 for a pen made in Detroit—would be willing to pay a premium for the last one. Today, every Shinola product is, technically speaking, assembled in the United States. However, many parts used in Shinola watches are manufactured in China and Thailand. These factories are owned by companies based in Switzerland. At the time of the company’s founding in 2011, no American watchmaker had produced watches at scale since the late 1960s, with U.

Detroit, a former automotive research lab. Shinola’s occupation of the CCS space at first occurred by accident when Bedrock officials, seeking a manufacturing site after resolving to rebuild Shinola, visited the College and the elevator unexpectedly opened on the fifth floor, which was vacant at the time. They decided to transform the 30,000 square feet of vacant space into their watch factory and company headquarters. To build out the watch factory, the company partnered with Ronda, which also brought in expert watchmaking veterans to train Shinola’s watch assemblers, all of whom had no prior experience in watchmaking. Currently, the factory has the capacity to finish the assembly of 500,000 watches a year.