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This article has multiple issues. Oklahoma’s first television station pdf locks itself after 30 days student clearinghouse June 6, 1949. 9 on September 5, 1951. Marjory Griffin Leake and brother-in-law James C.

Leake acquired interests in the company, with the Griffin siblings collectively owning approximately 92. Meanwhile, in June 1952, one month prior to their majority purchase of Oklahoma Television’s shares, KOMA radio licensee KOMA Inc. Griffin and the Leakes, filed a separate application for the channel 9 license. The Oklahoma Television Corporation was eventually granted the license on July 22, 1953, after the company announced a merger with KOMA Inc.

Oklahoma Television through the purchase of shares held by that company’s original principal investors. Under FCC procedure, the Commission’s Broadcast Bureau board decided on license proposals filed by “survivor” applicants at the next scheduled meeting following the withdrawal of a competing bid. Northeast 74th Street and North Kelley Avenue that KOMA had purchased in 1950, with the intention of developing it for a television broadcast facility. Oklahoma City once the Kelley Avenue building was completed.