Pdf plans for psycho house

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Madison convinces her parents to re-open the Roller Dome for her pdf plans for psycho house sixteenth birthday party. The Roller Dome, a roller skating rink that Skye’s father used to own had been closed because a series of brutal murders took place there ten years ago.

The killer, who happens to be Skye’s father, comes back to wreak havoc during Madison’s party, however. She wants to have her birthday party at the Roller Dome, a once popular roller skating rink with a violent history to match. A few days before the party, while alone in the roller rink, the party planner hears a strange noise. Later that night, Craig and his girlfriend, Karen, break into the Roller Dome, where they are brutally murdered by the “Lord of the Rink”.

Young Skye witnesses the murders and calls the police. They find him in the basement and, upon arresting Rotter, discover that four more bodies have been dismembered and stuffed into an oil bin. While on his way to prison, the van crashes and burns, and Rotter appears to have died. Skye who trashed her locker. Lily admits that she actually dislikes Madison, and that the reason why Madison is attacking Skye is because Skye flirted with Brigg.

She tells Skye to hook up with Brigg to get revenge on Madison at her sweet sixteen party. Skye, in nothing but a towel and a one-piece bathing suit, tries to leave the building, but she is interrupted by Madison, Olivia, and Chloe. In addition to warning Skye about staying away from Brigg, Madison calls Skye a nobody and says that the yearbook would not waste space on her if she died. Afterward, Skye begins walking home in her swimsuit and towel. Brigg drives by her, slows down, and offers her a ride home.

While driving, Brigg asks Skye to hang out Saturday night. The next day, Madison hands out invitations to her Sweet Sixteen. Having invited Brigg, it interferes with his plans with Skye. Brigg goes to Skye’s house and explains to her that he has to go because he and Madison have history, and that he will make it up to Skye.

Skye tells him that they both know that this isn’t going to work because he is popular and she is not. Brigg kisses Skye and lets her know that he wants to spend more time with her after the party, and he promises that they will go out. When Brigg leaves, Skye’s best friend Derek walks out onto Skye’s porch and asks if she was just talking to Brigg. Skye then asks Derek if he still wants to crash Madison’s party. Lily leaves a secret opening for Skye and Derek behind the roller rink, and the two sneak in without a hitch.

Things seem fine at first, until the party planner is killed by Charlie Rotter, who survived the crash. Skye finds Brigg and they skate together. Derek and Lily are chatting, and she asks him to go get some fruit punch to mix with her vodka so they can party. Skye spots Kevin, thinks that he is actually her father, and then runs to him.